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Many people come to us with negative past experiences dealing with unscrupulous companies promising and not delivering results. Here in VerifiedBets we ensure that all the tipster is showing 100% genuine records. Be confident about using tipsters to success. read more ..

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Customer Testimonial
Sebastian Margaret
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Your service is like none I ever tried. Now I'm winning all the time and loving every minute of it! I tried another so called insider betting and it was a joke!!! I see your guys are doing thing much much more professionally and you are the one, the only one in this industry, to provide us with genuine profits in the long run. Thank you
Wen Hou
Location: China, Guangzhou
Great job. Let's get the man again today my friend. Let's put the sportsbooks on their knees. Thanks for your good tips.
Piero Bianchi
Location: Milan, Italy
5 star service rating for Great start so far this soccer season, lets keep winning like this all year long.
Cristian Bruno
Location: Roma, Italy
Just sending a note to show appreciation for the reliable monitoring system you been providing. I have become dependent on the tipsters in verifiedbets and I don't mind paying the price for the every picks because I know each pick has been monitor by your company. This is something you don't get with every sports handicapping service. Keep up the strong work.
Shouma Memoto
Location: Japan, Osaka
The winning selections from your tipster have helped increase my bankroll tremendously. You have a loyal customer as long as you keep dedicating yourself as the best independent monitoring system and giving us a chance to have fair deal with all the tipsters here.
Lukas Schultz
Location: Gelderland
Dear Nick Zacharias, i would like to thanks for your effort in explaining verifiedbets and introducing goalshandicapper as my betting tips provider. Appreciate your help. I been getting consistent profits now with the tipster tips.
Vladimir Szabo
Location: Czech Republic
I found verifiedbets from a review site 3 weeks ago at a searching for world cup tips and got recommended the site I have made very large amount of money from his tips.
Location: Bandung, Indonesia
I had very bad experiences when using other online tips services with yearly or monthly membership, where i didn't get any results and their support services just keep silence after that! With Verifiedbets, the situation is quite different, everything is fair, their system let me get to all genuine records tipsters. All the problems are solved very quickly with their support service, my balance now has grown much since started following their tips.
Hyun Shik
Location: Gyeryon, South Korea
Previously I have tried a lot of soccer tipster websites that provide insider tips. After couple of trial they proved to be very inconsistent until I found I am glad that there are such tips monitoring company exists. I was very happy with the result that the tipsters here provided me. They are also very customer oriented which provides good service to customers.
Luke Thompson
Location: Brisbane, Australia
I have used service for 4 months now and found the tipsters here to be very good. I have used quite a few other tipsters, but, with little or no success to speak of. Tipsters here is second to none and will always give value tips. Anyone looking for a great tipping service would do well to sign up and use the services here. Happy new year and please do great in upcoming year too.
Location: Indonesia
I'm really satisfied with VerifiedBets service. All tipsters who are monitored by verifiedbets are genuine tipsters. Now, I use Ladbets and SportBetGuide as my tipsters. I getting good experiences since I joined them. Thank you very much!
Location: Borgomanero, Italy
My experiences in soccer took a turn for the worse last season so I joined verified by at late February 2013. The consistency was fantastic and I ended in a good position now - enough to wipe out my self-inflicted losses and I have signed up for 3 months membership to success in the entire 2013.
Location: Achilleos, Athens
In my opinion have the most consistent and best filtered tipsters service I have ever associated with over the past 10 years. I look forward every day to checking my emails for news of new tipsters because I know they will bring me success! Thanks again!
Location: Rhodes, Greece
Your tipsters insight and consistent success never ceases to amaze me. Other tipster use the shotgun method, but your tipsters like a sharp shooter. Week in and week out I can count on the tipsters here to uncover good, solid opportunities. I'm also very impressed with your overall philosophy.
Nam Kyu
Location: Busan, South Korea
저는 verifiedbets.com을 몇 주 전에 알게 되었습니다. 이곳은 제가 발견한 최상의 경제 투자 원천입니다. 계속해서 최상의 팁을 제공하는데 최선을 다해 주시기 바랍니다.
Jared Lim
Location: Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Seeing is believing. Verifiedbets have really made me believe winning with tipster tips is possible. Appreciate your service and you are the best monitoring service i had ever found. Highly recommended!
Jae Sun Yong
Location: Itaewon-dong, Seoul, South Korea
돈을 벌 방법을 찾고 찾은 끝에verifiedbets.com을 알게 되었습니다. 진짜를 찾는 것은 쉬운 작업이 아니지만 verifiedbets와 함께라면 최상의 팁 제공자를 찾을 수 있습니다. 저는 그 동안 여러 번 사기를 당했고 많은 돈을 잃었지만 지금은 추가 수입과 공휴일 자금으로 충분한 돈을 만들고 있습니다.
Location: Jakarta TImur, Jakarta, Indonesia
I like your monitoring system, because of i able to get to genuine tipsters. I already using 3 tipster sites,, and I will use more sites from verifiedbets in future. Thank you nick, Marjohan
Tommaso Novello
Location: Vicchio, Province of Florence, Italy
Just a short note of thanks from a new member. The potential of this service is very large indeed. All tipsters high strike rate is consistent, the management advise is good and the customer service by email is fast and efficient. I will certainly be using all tipsters service again on a regular basis. Thanks again and keep up the great work.
Hernandez Chavez
Location: Madrid, Spain
I am a pensioner and I have been watching soccer for years but not until I found did I truly realise that I could consistently pick the winner of the game with tips from tipsters. I cannot thank you enough. I do it mainly as a hobby but what i have now gone up to 5x. Thanks a million.
Location: Krungthep Mahanakorn, Thailand
Have always maintained faith in your commitment to us clients to deliver quality tipster - I'm not a everyday player but i will followed your recommendation closely - so whenever you have very good tipster you can contact me
Victor Tan
Location: Hullet Road, Singapore
All picks are displayed, there is no sugar coating their tipsters statistics, you get what you pay for. Verifiedbets customer service is fantastic, something that I have never experienced before. They recommend a tipster based on my situation and what i afford. I look forward to many years of great service and will definitely recommend verifiedbets to anyone I come across.
Location: Hamamatsucho Minato, Japan
My first general impression is that you are honest in your business dealings. Specifically, I am referring to the posting of your tipsters overall record for picks and your business philosophy regarding sports betting as an investment. It is a nice feature and allows people to get the best handicapping service
Lukas Kaufmann
Location: Hamburg, Germany
Having been a member of several of your services over the past few months, I have made some amazing experiences. The latest one I joined has been another good tipster ... I'm just glad I took the opportunity and joined
Location: Noville, Switzerland
I am very pleased to say that last night I followed your advice to get tips from goalshandicapper. All tips including correct score is success. So, thanks very much Nick and keep recommend me a good tipster.
Idomu Yamamoto
Location: Osaka-shi Naniwa-ku
Alexandre Faure
Location: Lattre de Tassigny, France
Verifiedbets have a great batch of tipsters. Thanks for your recommendation, i have a wonderful experiences with 4 tipsters from your site. Highly recommend scoresforecast!
Rasmus Isaksson
Location: Stockholm, Sweden is good tipster, thank you for the good tips.
Naoharu Sasaki
Location: Osaka Fukushima-Ku fukushima
Good website, client since March 2013. Will support every tipster.