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Many people come to us with negative past experiences dealing with unscrupulous companies promising and not delivering results. Here in VerifiedBets we ensure that all the tipster is showing 100% genuine records. Be confident about using tipsters to success. read more ..

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Frequently asked questions
  • hy should I join the team instead of other monitoring websites?
    We will invest in marketing your skills as a tipster and building your customer base. You can join our team of well known tipsters and benefit from the reputation they have already built.
  • How can i join as a tipster?
    We charge $300 monthly for monitoring fees. 3 months deposit when joining us and once registration and payment completed we will help install the records table script for free.
  • Do i get my money back from tipster if i receive a different tip from their records table?
    As mentioned in previous post, we will immediately terminate the tipster and will issue a money back guaranteed to the buyer with the deposit funds from tipster account.
  • What if the tip received from tipster is different from the records table? restricted all tipster to only using our records table script, if we found that the tipster having a different records table we will immediately terminate them.
  • Is there any posibility for tipster to cheat on their performance records?
    The possibility is 0%. Once the tipster submitted a tip they won't be able to modify it again. If the submitted tip information is incorrect we will disapprove it.
  • How did monitor tipster betting tips?
    As mentioned previously we restrict all tipster to only use our records table script, and tipster require to login daily into our system to submit all their betting tips. Once submission made, tipster unable to change any information and we will update the tips result after the game ended.
  • I saw every tipster is using a same design of records table, can i know why?
    One of the requirement for tipster to join us is to remove their old performance records and using only our records table script. That is why all tipsters is using the same kind of records table.
  • Can i buy betting tips with do not sell any betting tips, picks or predictions. We only server as monitoring tools.
  • What is the purpose of serve as independent soccer betting tips, prediction or picks monitoring tools.
  • When did come online? been online since January 2013. The first tipster came in at February 2013.