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VerifiedBets relaunch the advertising in Google adwords now with more than 10 new tipsters approved. Now with new betting type of betting tips, first half betting on Asian Handicap, Fixed Odd and Correct Score.

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Many people come to us with negative past experiences dealing with unscrupulous companies promising and not delivering results. Here in VerifiedBets we ensure that all the tipster is showing 100% genuine records. Be confident about using tipsters to success. read more ..

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About Us

Welcome to VerifiedBets.com. We hope you enjoy our website. VerifiedBets is a sports tipster network which brings together the best sports tipsters from around the world. At VerifiedBets we offer you the chance to interact with other sports tipsters and benefit from their knowledge and connection. We includes the progress of the tipsters we recommend to our members, articles from a variety of soccer experts, free management strategies, systems and everything else that possible to bring success to our members.

Who We Are

We are a team of nine who are passionate about the internet and soccer sport. All of us had go thru hard times choosing winner before, our vision is to challenge the I-gaming industry through innovation, transparency and social responsibility.
In beginning of 2013, we launch VerifiedBets.com. Building it up as a trusted source for reporting, reviewing and monitoring the world of sports advice, be it through the use of tipsters, systems or strategies. We certainly do not promise the world as only a small minority of people will ever make a successful living from soccer sports. VerifiedBets is about building a community of like-minded sports tipsters who can benefit from interacting with one another.

Furthermore, at VerifiedBets, we offer you the unique chance to become a verified tipster. If think you can cut it with the best tipsters and haven't had the chance to display your skills, well at VerifiedBets we offer you that chance. Register and provide us with your tips and if you produce successful, consistent returns for a reasonable period of time, it's only natural for people to take note and sign up to your services.

Nick Zacharias - VerifiedBets Founder