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Many people come to us with negative past experiences dealing with unscrupulous companies promising and not delivering results. Here in VerifiedBets we ensure that all the tipster is showing 100% genuine records. Be confident about using tipsters to success. read more ..

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Review on VerifiedBets monitoring tools

Written by, view the full reviews here is an independent monitoring tool website launched in February 2013. Basically, the website provides detailed information about several tipsters performance. It is also a place for sports tipsters to interact with each other and connect with like minded experts.
The subscribers get a progress of the tipsters performance, articles written by soccer experts, free management strategies and systems.
The purpose of the website is to act as a tool for punters to bet on a scam free environment.
Tipsters can create a free account, but they have to pay USD 300 per month as monitoring fees if they want to be visible on the website. This is pretty clear from the Home page, in the right side in the VerifiedBets Facts section. Also, the tipsters are monitored and audited to verify their records.
The Verified Facts section is available in 10 languages. However, this is the only part of the website that is translated in different languages. All the other content is displayed only in English.

Design & Layout

When you land on the Home page design is clean with a good balance of white spaces and content. Anyone landing on the home page can immediately see the numbers, the title of the website and what the main activity of the website is. To login, you can use the left side „Tipster login – Add tips” blue button or you can navigate to the end of the page and in the Browse category you see every section of the website, „Tipster login” included. The easiest way to login is to use the blue button on the left.
The website looks and matches the subject matter, mainly thanks to the „Welcome to VerifiedBets” and „Statistic from VerifiedBets” which are present on every page of the website.

As a reader, we didn’t feel overwhelmed by colors or by misleading information. The VerifiedBets team makes it clear what they want from you from the beginning: to register yourself as a tipster through their system. The title itself makes it clear that it is about „verified bets”, and the Home page, makes sure you understand they don’t sell any sports tips, they’re only a monitoring tool.

About us page

The About us page isn’t displayed along with the Home, Running tips pages, but you can access it by clicking on „Read more” from the „Welcome to VerifiedBets” section or you can scroll down, at the bottom of the page in the „Browse section”. We think an About page is essential to every website and it should also be in the page section as well. It feels it’s hidden. The About page states once again the purpose of the website and it says „We are a team of nine who are passionate about the internet and soccer sport.” However, the names of the nine are not on the About page. At the end, we only see who the Founder is, Nick Zacharias.

Reader Usability

You can easily navigate through the website, there aren’t many colors to distract you. Also, the three buttons, follow you around whatever move you make. There aren’t many pages on the website, but the essential pages are displayed in a logical manner. Except, the About page, as stated earlier is somehow hidden in the website. This might be more a Layout mistake than the author’s intent to hide it away as it is on the website and the most tenacious visitors will certainly find it.

The website doesn’t display ads, which makes it easy to navigate, and distraction free. They state that 70% of what verifiedbets makes turns back to advertising, so no need to add any ads to make more money. VerifiedBets doesn’t require any additional plug-ins or buying any software.


The FAQ section of the website is once again nowhere to be found. If you’re interested to see what’s more on the website and you go to „Site map” then you get the FAQ section which deals with the basic questions referring to money. The website charges $300 monthly for monitoring fees, with a 3 months deposit when joining. After this, they’ll help you install the records table script for free. VerifiedBets states you’ll get your money back, but they’re quite evasive in this statement. To ensure yourself you can ask more questions about this as many clients state they have a reliable customer service.

Do I get my money back from tipster if I receive a different tip from their records table?

As mentioned in previous post, we will immediately terminate the tipster and will issue a money back guaranteed to the buyer with the deposit funds from tipster account.”

Applications & Benefits

  • VerifiedBets provides information so the user can make a decision on researched information.
  • The website doesn’t sell any betting tips, picks or predictions. It only acts as a monitoring tool.
  • Every tipster on the website uses the same records table script, and the tipsters have to login daily to submit their betting tips. Once the submission is made, no changes are allowed, and the information will be updated at the end of the game.

This Website Is For You If:

  • You are a tipster and want to increase your credibility
  • You want to make informed decisions about betting
  • You have basic knowledge about placing soccer tips

This Website Isn’t For You If:

  • You want to buy sports tips
  • You want to register as a tipster, but don’t have a proper website or blog
  • You don’t understand what a record table is

Bottom line!


  • Good balance of white space and content
  • Simple title
  • Fast loading
  • Ads free
  • FAQ – exists, but it only displays in the „Site map”

About us page

  • It exists, but it only displays at the bottom of the page or in the „Welcome to VerifiedBets” Read more section

Reader Usability

  • Responsive buttons
  • Easy to navigate
  • Distractions free


  • Tipsters pay a $300 monthly fee
  • Money guarantee
  • Payment methods aren’t mentioned

Customer Support

  • Testimonials show a very responsive customer service

Applications & Benefits

  • Researched information
  • Daily updates
  • Own records table script