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Who Is The Best Sports Betting Handicapper?

Who is the best sports betting handicapper Blog

A sports betting handicapper is a professional who can provide an odd to a football bet. He is the expert who can provide an opinion on the possibility of a football match’s outcome. Several betting handicappers have made it to the top in the professional football betting space. We bring you the top 4 sports betting handicappers and handicapping sites that have yielded sizable profits for the punters and betting sites.

1. John Martin

John Martin stands at number five among the best sports betting handicappers. He is an NBA specialist and clocked five excellent years starting from 2016 to 2020 in his handicapping career.  He has yielded a profit margin of +1.92% and total profits in value of $18,449. With a win percentage of more than fifty percent and a win-loss record of 4996-4597, his SC score stands at 25.71.

2. Nnamdi Akabueze

Nnamdi Akabueze operates through his venture Betfame. As we write this information, in the latest 18 days, he has yielded a W-L score of 41-21. Thus, his winning rate is more than 65%. Before forming his platform, he served through platforms like Betfame from the year 2011 onwards.

3. The Insiders Room

The Insiders Room is writing success game after game for its bettors. This sports betting handicapper has amassed a whooping figure of $14,500 across all sports betting options. The all-sports run reads impressive figures of 377-330.

4. Soccer Authority

Amedeus Mastrangelo is the mastermind behind this bettors haven. This handicapper is an expert of all European leagues and other international football games placed worldwide. The bettors have made huge profits riding on the critical eyes of this footy handicapper. Amadeus’s strength lies in making correct bets of all major types, including:

  • Total
  • Favorite
  • Against the spread
  • Underdog
  • Futures

The list is almost endless when it comes to tabulating this handicapper’s area of expertise.

What are the services that handicappers offer?

Handicappers allot the handicap to any wager. They decide the money lines, handicap value, and probability of win or loss to assign to a bet. When you ask the question, ‘Which side will win the title?’, the answer is predicted by a handicapper. Hence, it is almost like tipping, but the roles are more crucial here. Bookies depend a lot on handicappers to retain the interest of the bettors and safeguard their earnings.

What are the types of handicaps that these experts deal in?

There are two types of handicapping options available:

  1. Vegas handicapping
  2. Your typical handicapping

Vegas handicapping

In Vegas handicapping, the bookies want everyone to win or at least have a chance of winning. They assign handicaps with the help of experts to favorites and underdogs. By applying this handicap, the betting outcome changes and has little connection with the game’s outcome. Even the underdogs can fetch a bettor a win in Vegas handicapping method. Also, the money lines spread, and the odds assignments are done according to the pre-defined rules in Vegas betting. Hence, it is like a white label handicapping.

Your typical handicapping

First of all, you are probably handicapping for your personal use in this method. Anybody can have an opinion on the football game and the teams’ performance. Your handicapping a pick comes from your research and pinpointing areas that bookies and experts might have missed. The best practices in correct handicapping include:

Research: Soak everything about the football games, teams, and tournaments, as much as you can. Most of the time, the chances of winning and losing come straight from the numbers. Handicapping also requires knowledge of calculating odds. So, work on that part too.
Previous matchup records: The two teams meeting in a match always have some past story. Hence, find all about the rivalry level, team position in the tally table, and the motivation with which they enter the ground.
Listen to what tipsters say: A betting tipster prediction can become a good reference point to move forth powerfully. Combine research with an expert’s opinion to create your own handicap.


Best handicappers are the real assets of any betting site. Try to read about the handicappers before associating with any football betting tips platform. It can help to bring more earnings from betting activity.

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