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Many people come to us with negative past experiences dealing with unscrupulous companies promising and not delivering results. Here in VerifiedBets we ensure that all the tipster is showing 100% genuine records. Be confident about using tipsters to success. read more ..

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What Is Sports Betting Tipsters Verification Services
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What Are Sports Betting Tipsters Verification Services?

You have likely seen them all over your social media accounts: the numerous sports betting tipsters professing their skills, boasting about their thousands in profit, and how they have the keys for your next big win. 

But which of these many tipsters can you trust?

Which ones have the knowledge, experience, and track record that can help you when it comes time for your next wager? And most importantly, which sports tipsters are putting your interests first and not profiting off your losses? (Yes, this happens A LOT).

That’s where sports betting tipster verification services come in. These services require tipsters to go through an entire process that, if successfully passed, will verify them as genuine tipsters and not scammers trying to fleece you for money. Verified tipsters are particularly crucial if you choose to pay for their services. 

Typically to complete the verification process, a tipster will need to submit their website or blog URL, personal details – including a verified email address and ID – and provide their betting account results to ensure they are not fabricating or exaggerating results. 

Once a sports betting tipster is verified, they will receive an official seal or stamp they can display on their website and social media channels, providing them authority and a level of trust so often absent in the sports betting tipster world. 

There is another form of verification service that commonly exists for sports betting tipsters, which involves registering with a verified tipster betting platform and completing that platform’s verifying process. 

The process to be accepted on to these platforms is similar to how tipsters would earn a verification seal, and there are strict guidelines to ensure tipsters don’t abuse the platform. Once a sport betting tipster has access to share their tips on these websites, they are essentially endorsed by the website which itself is trusted and considered credible by the sports betting industry.

Most of these websites will display the top verified tipsters on their homepage in something that resembles a league table, ranked in order of rating, which is usually based on a combination of unit gains and yield percentage.

Using a tipster to increase the amount of information you have available or to find inspiration for a future bet is no bad thing. It is just important not to get seduced by bold promises or screenshots of supposed huge wins. 

That is why, if you choose to call on the services of sports betting tipster, to make sure they are verified – either with an approved seal or by being accepted on to a verified betting service platform. The big advantage of the latter is the tipster’s form is displayed, giving you even more information about whether to trust them or not. After all, trust is the biggest component when it comes to putting your faith in a sports betting tipster. 


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