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10 Top Sports Betting Blog To Follow
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10 Top Sports Betting Blog to Follow

The top 10 sports betting blogs to follow

A good sports betting blog can do wonders for your profits. They’re filled with updated information written by football authors and experts. You can find articles on an array of different topics from in-depth match analyses to wagering strategies.  But a good blog is hard to find. You’re going to want to find a content marketplace that is worth investing your time in.

A blog with decent content is a dime a dozen. And one centered around sports betting is even hard to find. Given this fact, we have compiled a list of the 10 best betting blogs to follow.

Top 10 Sports Betting Blog

1. Genuine Soccer Tips

Genuine Soccer Tips would be the place to go to for any soccer betting information you may need. Just one quick look at their content and you can tell that the writers they feature have a true passion for sports and betting. With them, you would be able to make proper, informed decisions and improve your chances of winning and increase your profits. Definitely check them out!

2. Global Bet

Any topic that revolves around football or football betting that you can think of – you’ll likely find it on Global Bet Club. They’re a blog dedicated to making every single soccer punter’s life at least a little easier, by providing them with relevant information they need. Even if you’re just looking for a quick read about yesterday’s match, or general news about the soccer scene, Global Bet is a great place to start.

3. Soccer Stat

Soccer Stat is yet another great blog to follow. Their blog is specially curated for those of us who love betting on soccer. Soccer Stat provides information on how to improve your betting game and they also cover all major European tournaments. They also provide general information on players, coaches, and teams. Pretty much anything you need to know to make a successful bet.  

4. Insider Bet Tips

This website is our go-to for any info on soccer or soccer betting. They publish news and fresh articles very regularly. So you will rarely come across stale, out-dated content. Filled with betting tips, match predictions, as well as general betting news, they’re a platform you genuinely don’t want to miss out on.

5. Betting Expert Club

If you love betting, but you’re having a little trouble finding your way, all you really need is Betting Expert Club. They too, like the blogs mentioned before, cover a range of different topics that are sure to help you improve your gambling game.  With multiple articles published every month, you’ll be sure to become a pro in no time.

6. Handicapper Club

If it’s a quality betting blog that you’re looking for, look no further than Handicapper Club. On this platform, you will gain access to information on essentially every soccer tournament – domestic or international. Follow their blog, and beating the bookie would be a cakewalk.

7. Bet2Win Club

Bet2Win is your one-stop destination for all things soccer betting. It caters to every punter, regardless of their level of experience. So whether you’ve just begun betting, or you’re a seasoned veteran, Bet2Win Club is the place for you.

8. Soccer King Tips

Soccer King Tips features a host of incredible content that will surely help you improve your betting skills. It’s a great place to learn and gain a new perspective on things you may not have ever heard of before and offers a unique look at betting on soccer. Their pieces are competitive and helpful, and any bettor would benefit from taking a look at their content.

9. Correct Score club

Want to be able to win bets, but don’t know how? All you would need is Correct Score Club’s blog. Follow them and you’ll be winning all those wagers in no time at all! From general soccer news to predictions about the biggest matches, they have it all.

10. Content Mart

Content Mart is another website that offers competitive prices on soccer content. They also offer premium content that punters can use to make informed bets.

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