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How To Become A Professional Betting Tipster
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How To Become A Professional Betting Tipster

How do you go from amateur to professional betting tipping?

Have you ever found that you absolutely nail every single wager you make? Every single prediction you make seems to come true. And betting seems to be a lot more profitable than you initially thought it would be. Well, what if we told you that you can use your skills to make money on a lot more than just successful bets? Sharing your knack for accurate predictions with the world has the potential to be very lucrative. Here’s a quick guide on how to become a professional tipster.

Why Become A Professional Betting Tipster?

Tipsters are great, there’s no doubt about it. With their predictions and tips, they guide punters down the road to success. Thus, helping them beat the bookie, win bets and make that coin. But have you ever stopped to think to yourself, “Hey, I could totally do that!”

You know sports, tournaments, teams, and players inside and out, have no problem predicting the outcomes of matches. You know how all the markets work, all the right strategies and tricks of the trade. If this is true, you’d make a very good tipster, but how do you go about doing that? Read on to find out!


Most tipsters specialize in particular tournaments, leagues and betting markets. This way, you can dedicate all your time and energy into making sure that your tips are as accurate as possible. It could be anything – Asian handicap bets on the English Premier League, Both Teams to Score in Serie A, maybe both.

The point is, versatility is great, but you want to prioritize quality over quantity. No one just wants to be the jack of all trades, now do they? Find your knack and master it.

Type of Tipster 

There are essentially two kinds of tipsters – ones that publish their tips on social media, usually, twitter, and ones that publish their tips on sports prediction marketplaces.

The former, colloquially known as twitter tipsters, publish their tips for free. How do they make their money? Well, they’re usually partnered with betting platforms. They tweet out tips along with links to the betting website they are affiliated with.

For every customer they send over, they get a commission. It’s quite easy to set yourself up as a social media tipster. You wouldn’t need to prove your skills to any employer and you aren’t answerable to any higher-ups. You wouldn’t have to meet any set standards, but it would be quite difficult to garner a solid following. That’s a prerequisite for any partnership.

Use A Betting Marketplace

Alternatively, you could sign up to be a tipster on an existing sports betting marketplace. Most of these platforms are commission-based, which means that your profits will be based on how well you perform.

Sports tipping marketplaces usually categorize their tipsters according to their level of experience. Junior tipsters usually have little to no tipping experience, their tips are usually free of cost. Senior tipsters are more expensive, have a higher strike rate, more followers, and so on. You get the gist – the higher the tier, the more expensive the tips, but more will be expected of you.

Sports tipping marketplaces such as BetFame and SportsTrade offer above industry rates to their tipsters, so do check them out if you’re interested.

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