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Buy and Sell Soccer Betting Tips

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Buy and sell soccer betting tips for your advantage

The soccer betting market has evolved immeasurably in recent times, with one of the biggest shifts being made towards being able to buy and sell betting tips in marketplaces.

In a breakaway from the traditional betting dynamic where bettors are offered a range of soccer tips decided by the company, marketplaces allow users to essentially become the bookmaker by creating their own bets.

The intention is to then offer, or sell soccer tips to other users who find your offers appealing, in turn creating a situation where it is bettor vs bettor on the outcome of a specific tip, instead of bettor vs house (or traditional bookmaker).

To put this into a loose example, if you have strong belief Team A will beat Team B despite Team A having longer odds with regular bookies, you can shorten those odds (in turn lengthening Team B’s odds) and hope someone finds your new tip enticing enough to take you on. If you are proved right and Team A wins then you have beaten the person who backed Team B and can claim your winnings.

Equally, you could enter a betting tips marketplace – also known as a betting exchange – and buy soccer betting tips in search of improved odds and find someone selling a wager that you believe you can win.

One of the biggest advantages of marketplaces is they offer you the opportunity to place a bet on an outcome not happening, compared to traditional betting firms when you will almost always be offered odds on an outcome happening.

Another key difference is the way in which a sports bookmaker will make their money. Instead of earning by way of you losing a bet – as is the typical model – a betting marketplace platform will take a small commission on any matched bets, usually between one and five percent of the winning earnings.

The downside, of course, is that your soccer betting tips will not always be matched, but as this section of the industry continues to grow, and an increasing number of people turn to marketplaces, so will your chances of finding active buyers and sellers.

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