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Punters explain exactly how to start winning the bets
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Punters explain exactly how to start winning bets

Sports betting can provide a limitless amount of fun and enjoyment, but no one is having any fun if you aren’t actually winning bets. After speaking to successful punters, here are the key steps to take in order to start winning bets.

Be Disciplined

There is nothing that can derail an encouraging betting spell than a lack of discipline. Only ever wager what you can afford to lose and always keep your emotions in check during both good runs and bad.

If you are on a good run, it’s important to not get overexcited and gain a sense of invincibility, thinking that you are never going to lose. In these instances, many people will deviate from what worked for them and stake more on bets with longer odds. Eventually, these bigger risks will not pay off.

On the other side, if you are on a bad run, make sure not to get tempted to chase in an attempt to claw your money back. Betting angry or frustrated will only lead to making bad betting decisions and is a guaranteed way to make sure you will not be winning bets.

Discipline is the big difference between amateur bettors who strike lucky every now and again, and those who form long-term sports betting success.

Do The Research

Every person who has a consistent amount of success winning sports bets does a huge amount of research and has built up an impressive bank of knowledge on their chosen area – whether that is a specific sport, league, team or athlete. It is this research and knowledge that separates the amateur from the professionals.

Bookmakers have an enormous amount of research and data available to them when it comes to creating algorithms for their odds, so you need to counter that by arming yourself with expert knowledge on team news, form guides, and any other variables that could be important in influencing your betting decisions.

If you have any specialist knowledge that you can use, that might give you an edge on the bookies then that can be very helpful. For example, major sports betting companies have the top soccer leagues around the world extensively covered, so trying to find value in these markets isn’t so easy.

On the other hand, if you focus your research and knowledge on lower leagues or less-covered foreign leagues, then leading bookmakers won’t have the same levels of data and there could be valued to be found.

Shop Around and Take Advantage of the Bookies

There seems to be an endless amount of online sports betting companies nowadays, and with so much competition in the industry, each bookmaker is desperate to land you as a customer.

As such, most – if not all – companies offer great promotions and sign-up bonuses to get you through the door. There will also be enhanced odds offers on heavy favorites, so make sure to take advantage of these and sign up with a few different online bookies.

Once you have signed up to a few different websites and taken advantage of the free promotions and offers, make sure to compare the various odds on offer for each bet that you are considering.
Then only place the bet on the website that offers the best odds. Even if it only seems like a small difference, over time these incremental increases will add up if you have a set betting strategy.

Keep A Record

If you are serious about trying to consistently win sports bets, then keeping a record is imperative. Not only can you keep track of how much you are winning and losing, but a record can give you a clear indication of which type of bets you are having the most success with and which bets are providing more losses.

All leading online bookmakers will have a history of all the bets you have made, so begin a spreadsheet today and take your most recent 10 or so bets as a starting point.

In Conclusion…

There is never an absolute guarantee when it comes to winning sports bets, but by adopting the above practices of maintaining discipline, doing plenty of research, shopping around for the best odds, and keeping a detailed record, then you have given yourself the ideal foundations for long-term success.

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